What is UA?

UA Products Definition:

UA Products or Unauthorized Authentic Products are products made by the same factories (same materials and same quality) but are not sold by retailers hence the cheaper prices.

Where do these products come from? 

Unauthorized Authentic products are products that are stocked in production factories but not declared to be sold. They are simply produced in case factories need to restock their products in stores or if a production batch has been flawed. 

How is this possible?

Big brand companies have been producing a scarcity effect for their products. Supreme started in in the early 2000's by releasing only a few items each release, which makes the product go up in value as it is harder to obtain. This movement was quickly followed by other companies like Nike, Adidas, Off-White etc... The goal is for them to release a few products and hype the price up as the products are considered very rare. 

So why the extra production of products?

For example: When Nike releases a pair of sneakers, lets say Jordans, they make 2000 pairs available. But there are thousand of other pairs produced as back up. 

The pairs that are produced as back up are declared as deadstock since they are declared not to be sold. These are the products we buy directly from the factories for a cheaper price.


Why pay more when you can get the same for less? 


Example of a mass production factory in Vietnam for Nike sneakers. Only a small percentage of those shoes will be released


The hype is real at one of the Supreme first seasonal drop